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Just Say No to Credit Card Debt

Here it is, the day I sent my book to press. I’ve been looking forward to it and working up to it for months and what’s this? A prepayment is due? For all that anticipation, I coulda/shoulda/woulda planned better so I could lay down that money without blinking an eye. Instead, I had a merry Christmas and let the purse strings dangle throughout the season. The consequence: My choice is to either charge that prepayment or clean out my savings. I didn’t want to do either. I was sick to my stomach about the whole thing, particularly in light of the fact that I’m 15 days away from being able to pay that printing bill outright. But the job can’t wait 15 days more, it’s already 15 days overdue.

So I wrote out the check from savings, sealed it in the envelop and trudged around the house preparing myself to go to the post office to send off the security standing between me and an emergency. The easier thing to do would have been to charge it, but God has revealed to me that incurring debt for this venture is not His will. “Give it all you’ve got, but no more than you’ve actually got.”

Tax season is coming up and I’m going to owe. Between that, the rest of this printing job and just plain living, I can see that it will be some time before I can return that money to savings. Realizing this sent my shoulders to drooping. My precious savings, gone. And will I have the discipline to build it back?

I was again, so discouraged. So I asked God for some encouragement. Father, let me know I’m doing the right thing. I could put the printing off for two more weeks and miss some crucial dates for the book. Should I do that instead? At least I had clarity that I was making the right decision to not charge the printing bill.

Just before I walked out the door to take the payment to the post office, I checked my email. “Great news from Sheridan” said the subject line. My account rep was pleased to let me know that accounting had just approved me for net 30 day terms. I don’t have to send a prepayment! I have 30 days after completion of the job to pay the bill.

With a “whoop, whoop!” I pried open the envelop and took out my savings check and tore it up. The King of all the riches in glory worked out a payment plan to enable me to Just Say No to credit cards and keep my savings in its place. Thanks, Heavenly Father

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Come to Me and I will give you rest

I have been looking forward to the holiday season, as I do every year, for the chance to rest a little more that it brings. My husband is home from school and the pace is just more relaxed. It’s a time to catch up on scrapbooks and photo albums, and this year, on yard work. Our yard has been so neglected all year, that I scheduled seven work days of 4 hours per day for two out of three able bodies in our household, the third being responsible for Sir Chaise, plus we have brought in help from among our daughter’s friends and the neighborhood. In addition to the yard, I also had a goal to get my book ready for press before the end of the year. Well, it’s 2009, and my book is not at press – and my yard still is pretty ragged, though much improved after so many hours of care.

In retrospect, it’s simply amazing to me that I actually entertained the idea of taking on a translation project between December 15 and January 3. The company requesting the translation said they had to have it done by January 3. It was 40 pages of text related to the trucking industry – not the easiest or the most pleasant of topics. When my colleague Devorah presented me with the idea, I really just wanted to say “no” because I knew it would mean the end of my somewhat relaxing holiday season I had been longing for. But I said “yes” anyway – with the caveat that I was paid my going rate plus a substantial bonus for rush work over the holidays.

Just as soon as I sent the email, I wondered if I had goofed. Was I being greedy, a scrooge, to exchange my holiday for a couple of thousand dollars? Or was this God’s way of helping me to meet an year-end financial goal that I was not going to make otherwise? I just didn’t know. So I said, “Father, I’m sorry I didn’t consult you before I accepted the offer. If I’ve made a bad move by accepting it, please intervene.”

Minutes later, I got an email from Devorah saying, “OK, I told them we can’t do it. … Enjoy your yard work.”

Hmmm. God must not have wanted me to take that job. My intuition about it being a temptation to rob me of my rest must have been correct. But then why did I all of the sudden really want that job? My inclination was to email Devorah back and say, “Hey wait! I said I would do it!” Instead, I made myself say, “Thank you, Father, for making me to lie down in green pastures.” But you know, I really had to reiterate that forced gratitude several times more throughout the day and even a few times the next day. I was irked that I missed out on a chance to make a nice chunk of change.

But that passed and I got peace about not getting the job and getting some well needed down time instead.

And then a day or two later, I got an email from Devorah telling me that it looks like we’re going to get the job anyway, to start after Jan. 3. Apparently they realized how unreasonable their timeline was (maybe they couldn’t get anyone else to do it). So I got my green pastures and I’m going to get my chunk of change too. I’m so glad I invited God to fix that situation for me and I’m truly grateful at how He worked it out.