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Thank God for the Lesser of Two Evils

Politics notwithstanding, I think we really can give God praise for the lesser of two evils sometimes. Like when we were robbed recently in Peru. No, I’m not thankful that the one person who was being tested and tried the most was the target, and that she happened to be carrying the only camera and that we lost all of our pictures. And if I could have dictated how that went down, I might have even chose to be the one robbed to spare her more angst on an already very anguishing trip. But I do give thanks that if it was going to happen, that the lesser of two evils prevailed.

We lost a camera; but if the ladrones had swiped my purse/backpack, we would have lost the financial equivalent to the camera in cash, my passport one the night before we were to leave the country, cell phone and four credit cards. Yep, savvy traveller that I am, I had all that in my attractive leather purse, on my back, as I trailed behind everyone else at 10pm in the middle of a quiet street of Iquitos. What was I thinking?

That’s right; I wasn’t thinking. I was just barely moving, as a matter of fact. That day had started at 5:45 am with a bird-watching hike and had included another hike, coming out of the jungle, back to Iquitos, running around to pick up supplies for a befuddled 2-hour presentation in Spanish in a church as hot as an oven! At this point, I was hobbling the seven blocks back to the hotel with great effort. And then it happened.

Somehow, some divine way, I stepped on a half-inch nail. The length is significant, because the soles of my Havaianas are 3/8th of an inch thick, which means I could feel just the tiniest bit of nail in my foot as I stepped down – not enough to penetrate my foot, but enough that I couldn’t bear to walk more than three steps before I veered off to the side of the road, holding on to a parked car to lift my foot to see what was in my shoe. It was at that very moment, while my foot was in the air that I heard a yelp – my friend was being robbed by three guys in a motortaxi that had just come up behind us.

I can only speculate, but I believe I would have been too easy a target – a hobbling, middle-aged woman in a skirt and flip flops, lagging behind everyone else, with a leather backpack/purse dangling behind. But my dear angels went ahead of me and placed a 1/2-inch nail in the road, right where I would step and in such a way that it would go straight through the shoe, taking me out of harms way just seconds before harm came driving down the street.

For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. Psm 91:11

I praise God for one more thing too: the camera battery was almost dead and it costs $75 to replace. (bahahaha!)


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Another Taxing Situation

This is an old miracle that I recalled today as I was updating the post about Evil Circumstances in which the IRS wanted us to justify with receipts the fees we paid to adopt Chaise four years after we paid the fees to an agency that had since gone out of business, with a credit card account I no longer had open, while we were in South America with all our things packed away in storage. Chea!

Christmas 2010 we were in Brazil, set to travel to Bolivia for 40 days. We needed money! So we decided to go for broke and cash in an IRA that I had from an old job. I put all the paperwork together and sent it to my mother and told her very plainly to send it on Dec 29 and not a day sooner. We wanted the money to be available as soon as possible but NOT to hit in the 2010 tax year because we were going to have less income in 2011 and the tax consequences would be less if the IRA were cashed in then.

God bless my dear mother… She sent the paperwork out as soon as she got it in hand, which was well before Dec 29. And amazingly, the IRA company expediently processed it so that a check was cut on Dec 29 and the income posted in the 2010 tax year! I was notably distressed but decided to reserve major freaking out for tax time.

Fast forward to tax time 2011: As it turned out, the IRA income did not bump us into a higher bracket and we did not have to pay any tax on it at all because of our quitting our jobs in (John) July and (me) September. Praise God, but not as much as I would praise him in tax time 2012.

Our income for 2011 was really low because we were both underemployed for the majority of the year. And in some way that I don’t understand or necessarily approve (as a citizen), we got over $8500 back in taxes in April 2012. Had we added that IRA income, we would have been in a higher tax bracket and our refund would have been about $3000. So my mom’s mistake, which I believe to be God’s perfect timing, actually netted us about $5000.

Every good gift and every perfect is from above and comes down from the Father of Lights. James 1:17