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Demons Don’t Stand a Chance: Mark 1:21-39 (how I would say it)

Jesus and posse headed out to Capernaum. On the Sabbath, Jesus went to the synagogue to teach. People were amazed at his teaching—it was so authoritative, unlike the other teachers. While he was teaching, a man, acting under the influence of a satanic spirit cried out, “I know who you are! You’re God’s representative on earth. But what do you want with us, Jesus? Are you here to destroy us?”

Jesus snapped at him, “Shut up! And get out of him!”

The satanic spirit threw the man it possessed into a violent fit and then came out of him with a bizarre shriek.

That really freaked people out. They buzzed, “This guy can order demons out of people, and they obey him? We’ve never seen spiritual authority like this before.”

And the news about Jesus spread like wildfire all over Galilee.

After synagogue, James, John and Jesus went to Simon Peter’s and Andrew’s house. Simon’s mother-in-law was sick in bed with a fever. When they told Jesus about her, he went to her, took her hand and helped her out of bed. Immediately, the fever was gone and she started cooking dinner.

That evening after Sabbath was officially over, people from all over Galilee brought their sick and mentally ill loved ones to Simon Peter’s house to see Jesus. The line was out the door. Jesus healed all kinds of diseases and exorcised a lot of demons. He muted the demons so they wouldn’t reveal his true identity.

The next morning, before dawn, Jesus left the house to find someplace quiet he could talk with God. When his absence was discovered, Simon and friends went looking for him, and when they found him, they said, “The line’s out the door again this morning, Jesus!”

Jesus replied, “Let’s get out of here. I’d like to find someplace else to do some outreach. In fact, I need to – it’s the whole point of my mission.”

So they kept moving, all throughout the region of Galilee, teaching in synagogues and exorcising demons from people.

[But where do the demons go???]

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Drop Everything and Come with Me: Luke 5:1-11 and Matthew 4:21-22 (how I would say it)

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One day, Jesus was teaching on the shores of Lake Gennesaret and the crowd was pressing in on him. He spotted a couple of boats that had just come ashore. The fisherman who they belonged to were washing their nets. Jesus climbed into the boat that belonged to a man named Simon Peter, and he asked him to put out a little from the shore. He sat down on one of the benches and taught the people from there.

When he had finished his teaching, he said to Simon, “How about we go out a little deeper and let the nets down and see we if catch something?”

Simon replied, “Well, sir, my mates and I have been at it all night and haven’t caught a thing. But if you say so, I guess I could throw them again.” And he did.

To his surprise, the nets became so weighted with fish that they began to tear. He signaled his partners from the other boat to get out there and help them. They rushed out and starting pulling in the fish—so many that they filled both boats, weighing them down to the point that the boats started to sink!

Simon Peter was floored—literally. He dropped to his knees right there in the boat and said, “This is too much. I don’t deserve this!” Simon and his mates, James and John Zebedee, were dumbfounded at what they were seeing.

Jesus replied, “Don’t let this freak you out. From now on I want you to start fishing with me. And the catch we’re going to haul in is not fish, it’s people.”

After they came ashore, James and John were helping their father Zebedee get the nets ready for the next outing. But when Jesus was ready to roll, he gave the signal and Peter, James and John dropped everything and went with him.