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Bump Be Gone!

Guest blog by Bill Anderson
Last spring (2013), my wife, Nora, noticed a pain and small node in her left wrist. We watched over the course of about a month while it became more painful and enlarged to the extent of interfering with the motion of her hand. The node became blue like a bruise and was about 3/8 of an inch high and about 3/4 inch in diameter.
She went to our family physician, and he had no idea what to do. It was too close to the nerves of the hand, and he was afraid she might lose control of her hand of he tried to cut it out, so he referred her to a hand surgery specialist.
I took a picture of the purple bump on her wrist so I could send it to another doctor who had operated on her eye, to see if he had a referral of a specialist who might give a cash discount on the operation. We called to make an appointment with the specialist, but he was on a two-week vacation, so we decided to wait until he returned.
Now we were getting into late fall, and she had been suffering with this problem spot for close to six months. The problem weighed heavily on me since we have no insurance and would probably have to sell a car or get a home equity loan to pay for an operation such as we were facing.
One day, as was her custom, she knelt down beside her bed to pray for our family and friends, but this time added a fervent prayer for God to take this bump away. When she finished, she looked at her wrist and, lo and behold, the purple bump, and the pain when she moved her wrist, were gone. She came unglued, jumping and yelling and praising God. When I came in for lunch about an hour later, only a reddish area remained. After I calmed her down, and shed a few thankful tears myself, I grabbed my phone and took another picture of her wrist. The redness went away within a few days, and has never returned.
Jesus healed in Galilee, and “He’s Just the Same Today”.
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