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Watch out for this Guy–in any form: Proverbs 7 (how I would say it)


Dear Sis,

I have something really important I need to say to you and I really want you to pay attention. What I’m about to tell you can make all the difference in your life—the difference between a good life or a life of regret. So read this—over and over—so much so that it rings in your head day and night like a familiar tune.

First of all, learn to appreciate wise living. Cherish it as if it were your best friend. This is the number-one prevention for falling prey to a smooth-talking man.

Here’s how it goes down: Most women don’t give much thought to their direction—they let circumstances steer them instead of establishing their own direction in life. So it’s no surprise when a woman like this finds herself alone, at night, in a compromised situation with a man who has only one thing on his mind.

No doubt, he’s good looking—a real bad boy. Not a homeboy or momma’s boy, but the kind you’d see at a drag race or a club. And he’s setting his trap. He moves in slowly, acting all romantic, passion on his face and delivers some line she’s never heard before, so she has no idea it’s a line.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I just had to see you tonight.” (Oh, pu-leeze.) “Let’s go back to my place. My roommate’s out for the night—he packed an overnight bag; I know he won’t be back tonight. We can finally spend some time alone. We can light some candles, dance to some soft music. We can stay up all night talking and then have breakfast while we watch the sun rise.”

And on and on, and insistently too. Until finally, against what good judgment she possesses, she says, “yes.”

With big doe eyes, she follows him—right into his trap. What she doesn’t  realize is that he hunts doe like her, and he’s just landed an arrow in her heart. And it will cost her life. Not literally, but it will turn her life in a direction that is irreversible, and she will have forfeited the good and perfect plan God had for her.

Okay, so this all sounds a little dramatic—until you think about all the people you know who fit this scenario—including some of the girls you went to school with, and some of your own family! This is why you have got to take this seriously.

Guard yourself against this kind of men (which is basically any man who doesn’t demonstrate he is a Christ follower, and that includes a number of professing Christians, as you know only too well…). More women than I care to think about have gone this route. And not only did they screw up their lives, they have screwed up their eternity as a result.

Don’t let this be you. Please.

Love, Me