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Christ Incarnate Fleshes out the Law: Matt. 5:17-26 (how I would say it)

“Don’t think I’m here to do away with anything you hold sacred—the Law of Moses or the prophets’ teachings. I’m not here to do away with them, but to complete them. The fact of the matter is that as long as there is a planet Earth with the sky above, every word of the Law is still valid—every dot on every “i” and every cross on every “t”—until it has fulfilled its purpose. Anyone who thinks it’s okay to disregard even the lightest of the commands, and goes around telling other people it’s okay too, will never advance past private in God’s ranks. But anyone who practices the Law and teaches other people how to live according to it rise to general in God’s ranks. You see, you have to be more just and fair than religious leaders and seminary professors to even make it into God’s ranks.

“For example, traditionally we’re taught that murder is wrong and if you murder someone, you have to face trial. But the principle is that even being angry with a brother or sister is wrong—and you will be held accountable for that wrong too. Likewise, if you slander someone, you can be sued for that action. But in principle, even calling them an idiot puts you in danger of God’s judgment.

“This is why if you come to the house of God ready to praise and worship and on your way in recall that you wronged a friend or family member, you should just do an about-face and first go and make things right with that person, then come back to praise and worship.

“Don’t let arguments fester—especially if it’s something that could end up in court. Don’t waste any time in reaching an agreement or apologizing. Otherwise, the matter could end up in court and if the judge rules against you, you’ll face fines or jail time. Then your only option is to pay the fine and do the time to the last penny and hour.”

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Salt and Light: Matt. 5:13-16 (how I would say it)

light path

You are the element that is preserving humanity. If that element loses its defining properties, how can they ever be restored? The element is rendered useless, no better than a common rock used to pave a path.

You are the light of the world. You can see a city on a hill from a long way off at night time. Tell me, would you walk on a dark path with a flashlight that’s not turned on? No. You would turn on the flashlight so everyone can see where they are going. That’s you—the flashlight. Shine light on the path that leads to God. People will be grateful for the light, but only because it shows them the way.