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A Word for Today, Following the 2016 General Election

Could be storm clouds moving in. Could be sky starting to clear. We'll know which in the by and by.

Could be storm clouds moving in. Could be sky starting to clear. We’ll know which in the by and by.

Does anyone else out there think that God speaks to you through your daily devotional reading book?

HereĀ is an excerpt from my daily devotion today, dated October 30, (I’m a little behind…). The book is GleaningsĀ in Proverbs, by Robert Jones, written in 2000. I recommend it for a meaty daily devotional. Even though I’ve been off the calendar more than on in my reading, it always seems to bring a word fitting to that day. Today’s word was exceptionally fitting.

After reviewing the length of reign of Judah’s kings, which generally corresponded to this pattern: righteous kings had long reigns, wicked ones had short reigns, Jones states:

“It is a vicious cycle often repeated in history where a nation’s sins become magnified in a corrupt man who rises to power, who in turn by his evil example leads his people into even greater wickedness. The higher in authority a man is, the more devastating becomes his influence on the moral fabric of society when his life is unchaste and ungodly. Public restraints against sin are weakened in the same manner that they are lacking in the leader’s life. … Christian, regardless of the character of those in authority and conditions in the world around you, ‘Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’ Matt 5:16”